We are always looking for the next cohort of future leaders who have the potential to be just as passionate about media and advertising as we are. We have a range of apprentice and assistant level roles in different departments across the group that require no previous experience in the industry.

Working at a media agency

Simply put, a media agency takes a client’s messaging for their brand and looks at how best to strategically communicate it to the consumer, taking into account people’s habits and behaviours (when and what they watch, read, listen to, how they buy products etc.). A media agency will typically have many departments that cover each specialist area within this process, all working together to deliver commercially successful, outstanding campaigns for the client.

We regularly recruit for the following entry level roles and apprenticeships:

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Here you will get the opportunity to build your digital skills and work with platforms like Google, TikTok and YouTube on exciting campaigns for our clients.

Biddable Assistant

Planning and optimisation for Paid Search & Paid Social campaigns.

Programmatic Assistant

Help plan, evaluate and use programmatic technology to deliver best in class digital campaigns.

Ad Operations Assistant

Provide campaign trafficking across digital channels including Display, Audio & Visual, Paid Social and Paid Search.

Data Operations Assistant

Provide campaign activation across digital channels including Display, Audio & Visual, Paid Social and Paid Search.

Client Services

Here you will get the opportunity to work with an exciting range of clients and their brands, developing creative ideas and helping plan award-winning media campaigns.

Client Assistant

Support the client team on the day to day running of the client’s media activities.

Media Assistant

Help plan and manage media campaigns across all forms of media.

Connected Performance Assistant

Helping plan and activate media campaigns.

Media Partnerships & Content Assistant

Briefing, ideation, project management and activation of campaigns.

AV Assistant

Helping plan and buy campaigns for TV, Cinema, VOD, Radio and Digital Audio.

Insight Assistant

Understand consumer behaviour, purchase patterns and how best to reach them through advertising.

The Application Process

To help reduce bias and increase fairness, we have moved away from CVs for early careers and now ask you to respond to 3-5 skills-based questions depending on the role applied for. You will also need to complete a timed math test, scoring 70% or above to be considered for a role. If you are successful, we will contact you to schedule an interview with the hiring manager. A hiring manager is the person the role reports into.

The Interview process

The interviews are typically a 1-stage, process held online via MS Teams. The interview process includes competency and behavioural questions along with a short task. The behavioural questions will focus on finding out more about you as a person and the competency questions will ask you for examples of situations. We cover off example questions below.

You will be briefed on the task prior to your interview to present/discuss in the interview with the hiring manager. This interview is an opportunity for the hiring manager to find out more about you, and a chance for you to find out about the role in more detail and ask any questions you may have about working at OMG.

Once the process is complete, we will follow up with some feedback for you, and also inform you if you have received an offer or not. You will have one point of contact from the recruitment team throughout the process to answer any questions/queries you may have. We want everyone to make the most of the opportunity to shine and showcase your talents and we are happy to make adjustments in the test and recruitment process so you can be your best.

Example questions in an interview

Here are a couple of example competency based questions that could be asked during the application process:

  1. Tell us about a time someone has taught you something in the last 12 months. How did you get the best out of the learning process and what was the end result?
  2. Please share an example of where you’ve played a role in a team that worked well together. How did you contribute and what was the result for that team?
  3. Tell us about a time you had to solve a problem quickly. What did you do?

A golden tip to answer questions like this is to follow the STAR method when answering:

Situation - describe the situation
Task - describe the task you had to do
Action - what action did you take to complete the task?
Result - what was the end result of your action?

You could also be asked general questions to get a better understanding of what interests you about media and a little bit more about yourself:

  1. What drew you to apply for a role at Omnicom Media Group?
  2. Tell us about a recent advertising campaign from a brand you really liked and why it appeals.
  3. What accomplishment are you most proud of and why?
  4. What skills do you think are important to help connect with a client?
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Interview Tips

Do your research

Find out some information on the company, have an idea of some of the brands they work with, be aware of any recent articles about them. Campaign is a great source for media and advertising news and you get access to a number of free articles every month. Read the job description carefully so you are familiar with the role.

Think about your skills

What skills do you have that could be relevant to this job? They don’t need to be from a previous job you have done, there’s lots of skills in your personal life that can transfer to work. For example, have you ever organized a day out with friends, taken part in a football tournament, or raised money for charity? Think about the role you played in the situations and how that could be used in a work setting.

You probably have more experience than you realise!

Any experience is relevant – from part time jobs, working in retail or hospitality to school projects etc. Make a list of your different experiences and how you think they could be relevant for the role.

Think about how to present yourself

Even though most interviews are still taking place virtually, it's still important to present yourself professionally. Plan what you’re going to wear and get it ready before the interview. Make sure your phone is on silent so you don’t get disturbed during the interview.

Ask questions

You will have time in the interview to ask questions. It’s ok to write them down before the interview so you have them to hand. Ask questions that show you have an interest in the role and the company. For example, what does a typical day look like in that role, what’s the interviewer’s favourite campaign they have worked on?


With virtual interviews, check you're connected to Wi-Fi ten minutes beforehand to avoid any technical issues and double check you can join the Teams link. Don’t forget, you can contact the recruiter if you have any problems.

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Our partners:

We work with a number of partners for entry level recruitment to ensure that we are reaching people from a range of backgrounds and cultures, expanding our talent pool at OMG and continuing to provide a breadth of perspectives within the company. Our partners include: